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Audio Mode Switcher app for Android

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Tired of your phone ringing in the middle of the night? I’m sure you know the situation when your phone rings out loud when staying in a quiet place (e.g. classroom, office,...), because you have forgotten to mute your phone.
Have you ever missed important calls because you have forgotten to un-mute your mobile phone? You need Audio Mode Switcher!
Just define when the audio mode of your phone should be loud, vibrate or silent . Then, the app will do the rest for you.
Audio Mode was designed to be easy to use and is absolutely free!
Switch to loud, vibrate or silent mode according to:
-weekly recurring times,
-calendar events or
-your current location


  • Weekly recurring times

This feature is very simple: you can define multiple times and the according ringer mode. This switching-times are scheduled weekly. For example you can define different times for weekends etc.

  • Calendar based

You can automatically switch the audio mode of your phone during events defined in your phones calendar. Use it to mute you phone during movies, dates, meetings etc. and then unmuting the phone when the meeting ends.
You select the events with simple filters (keywords in the event title and/or a specific calendar) and choose the audio mode that should be set during these events.

  • Location based

The easiest solution is to switch your ringer mode according to your current location. For example you switch to vibrate mode if you are at your working place and to loud mode if you are at home.
Audio Mode switcher uses phone masts and GPS to determine your location. However if you want to save battery it also works fine without enabled GPS (Note: In ural areas GPS is not necessary. If you don’t live in a populated area GPS is recommended to achieve a higher accuracy)
Overall, Audio Mode Switcher is a useful and nice app for automatically silencing your phone. It will by greatly appreciated by classmates, working colleagues and anyone else who doesn’t want to hear your phone!

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  • Why all the permissions?

- Your Location: for location-based switching
- Your personal Information: to read calendar entries for calendar-based switching
- Network communication: for Google Maps
- Storage: to store the profiles
- System tools: for changing the volume in stand-by mode
- Network communication: to establish voluntary donations
- Your accounts: to read the calendars
- System tools: to reconfigure your profiles after a device restart

  • Examples of how Audio Mode Switcher can ease your everyday life:

* Sleep well the whole night without interruption
* Never again forget to unmute your phone in the morning – be reachable!
* Prevent troubles with teachers, because your phone rings
* Do not forget to mute your phone during university lectures
* Never again be disturbed by your phone during important meetings
* Enjoy cinema movies without embarrassing other visitors with your annoying ringing phone
* Make a good impression at your working place due to your silent phone
* Do not miss a call just because you have forgotten to switch to loud profile
* Care about more important things in life than permanently switching the audio profiles of your Android phone
* Do not annoy your friends and family by unintentional ignoring their phone calls
* Never be again in the situation that you write an exam and your phone disturbs you from concentration
* Enjoy a few silent hours every day – without being disturbed from technology

Audio Mode Switcher
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